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Pilates with a calm relaxed vibe to help you move better and feel flexible strong and healthy. 

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Appletree our online Pilates studio delivering high quality instruction for an affordable fee where you can develop your own Pilates practice anytime, anywhere. It's not always easy to attend Pilates classes and so I developed Appletree to bring Pilates to everyone. 

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Pilates exercises the whole body. Using deep stability and postural muscles, the body is taken through a range of exercises on the mat. Arm and leg movements are combined with breathing and focus on posture. You can work at your own pace, starting easy and progressing to more challenging routines as you feel ready.

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Stretch & Strengthen

Pilates is a whole-body exercise program. Exercises are to help you to strengthen your muscles and stretch your body, progressing to improve balance, posture, flexibility and strength.

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Relax, revitalise and work on your body and mind. By concentrating on your breathing and focusing on the exercises, Pilates takes you into a more peaceful space where you can forget the everyday stresses of life and chatter of the mind.

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Want to do Pilates but don’t know where to start?

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  • 4 easyfit Pilates beginners classes around 20 minutes max
  • A warm up and cool down in each class
  • An introduction to core strengthening exercises

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