Pilates is based on a set of guiding principles and exercises the whole body. Using deep stability and postural muscles, the body is taken through a range of exercises on the mat. Arm and leg movements are combined with breathing and focus on posture.


Pilates teaches you to focus on your body and your movements, integrating the breath with focus, you flow into mindful movement. Pilates requires your full focus for each exercise aware of what is happening in your body bringing intention to your Pilates practice.


The centre is sometimes called the core or the powerhouse in Pilates. It is where Pilates begins. Pilates encourages you to bring your focus to the centre of your body. The core is made up of the muscles around the pelvis including your abdominals, deep back muscles and your pelvic floor.


Pilates should always be performed with full body control. Correct form for every exercise. Using momentum or rushing will only compromise your practice.


Precision is about moving with deliberate intent, concentrating on each movement accurately. Detail matters, working in this way will affect the muscles you are working and how effective that is. The beauty of Pilates is that 10 repetitions done well provide more benefit than many repetitions done without focus.


Awareness of breath is an important part of Pilates. Synchronising the breath with each movement encourages you to relax into your practice. The breath work helps you to work rhythmically and mindfully.


During your Pilates you will practice good posture and awareness of your body. Awareness of the position of your body from head to toes is important during your Pilates and you will notice it in everyday life with practice.

Flow (and rhythm)

Pilates is performed with a gentle flow and rhythm. Flowing through each exercise with continuous smooth movement will encourage strength and grace as you practice. Rhythm helps you sink into a relaxed focus of your mind.


Integrating the principles with mindful movement, breathing and centering provides an integrated mind body workout. There is a lot to think about when you begin Pilates, if you forget your breath or your centre or even how to do the movement , don’t worry just keep practicing and watching the videos, it is normal and will come with time and practice.