How it works

There are lots of classes and levels to choose from. If you are a complete beginner or have only done a little Pilates, The Introduction to Pilates is a good place to start. It consists of four 20 minute sessions to introduce you to the basics of Pilates and some of the beginners moves. 

There are Express classes of 10 minutes if you only have time for a quick workout or Easyfit classes of 20 minutes or less designed to be easy to fit into your life. There are longer classes too for when you have a little more time. You may choose to do one class a week or you can do a class every day, the choice is yours. That is the beauty of the online studio, you are in charge and you can choose your own classes whenever is best for you.

Standing classes help you work on your balance, strength and posture. Mat classes are done in a variety of positions including lying on your side, back, front and in 4 point kneeling. You may focus on something specific such as your core and abdominals or may choose a class for a whole body workout. 

Easy & Convenient

The program is designed to be easy to fit into your life with the Easyfit classes that include a warm-up and stretches to finish within 20 minutes.


The cost of the membership is £15 per month.

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